The Light of Life

The Light of Life by Daniel Drumm


The Light of Life is a Christian look at the nature of truth. Non-denominational, it shows that the focus of Light is what we call thinking, and thinking is what produces both knowledge and understanding. The Light is what shows things, as they are, to the mind. This noetic clarity of the mind to which we pose questions inwardly is the same Light John speaks of in his Gospel which he states "illumines everyone who comes into the world." It requires only honesty.

What in Christianity led over time to losing this understanding about how the mind works is talked about, but the Light described here goes beyond old philosophical and religious forms. Anyone who looks at their own experience can confirm the facts themselves. The Light of Life makes it clear that knowing is a spiritual act.

For those who seek God through understanding, meditation, or prayerful insight this book seeks to supplement the many wonderful Christian teachings about Love, with one for the mind about the Light that enables it to see. More...