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Thank you for this writing. As a long time devotee of Ramana Maharshi and his teaching of self inquiry, and a recent investigator of the modern Christian presentation of Jesus, I have recently had some questions about the way in which Christians (in general) seem to miss a deeper truth by denying the relevance of other religions or spiritual practices. I have long known that Jesus is a great Self Realized teacher or Guru, but I have always understood his statement of "the father and I are one" not to be a reference of his physical form.

I have also never been able to accept an eternal hell scenerio, as the Eternal Source would not intentionally confine a soul to a period of stagnation as a punishment. At any rate, your well researched, cited, and highly intelligent paper has validated many intuitive thoughts and feelings that I have been having. It is an important work, one that all Christians and all seekers should read. Thank you again for putting so much energy into such a specific expression about the Bible and the truth of Jesus.

- Rafael Stonemen

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The book "Light of Life" will be ready and in the stores on June 03, 2010. We are greatfull to be able to present this book to the people. Thanks goes out to the people at Borderling Printing for their assistance in making this happen. Design Drumm for the website, and to God for providing one of the most interesting men to date. His Son. We hope that this book is enlightening and helpful to everyone in their search for truth and love.

For everyone who would like, we will have a blog set up for discussion about the book and/or a Q and A. Membership and registration are free. All opinions are welcome with an amount of dicipline and decor.

If you are one who purchases our book, let us say Thank You in advance!

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